Signs Signs Everwhere Signs

Hey friends! I’ve been working on some signs using the Silhouette Cameo. I painted some making stencils and on others I just used vinyl. I bought these little wooden blocks at the craft store and painted them white. I told you how I was giving some gifts to my neighbors. Here is one of the signs that I put into the bag!


The sentiment is a file that I purchased in the Silhouette store and I added the crown to lend some bling-iness to my diva girls. I thought that this would be cute on a nightstand or vanity.

I made another sign but didn’t follow suggestions about font being to detailed and small but I tend to learn the hard way! Sheet after sheet looked like this:


Keep in mind that I am just learning and I’m taking you along on my journey, mistakes and all! 😉

I finally came up with this number and I really like it! And it is so true for each of us!

never know

I’ve been really busy with the vinyl and I realized this evening that I haven’t stamped in a bit. So stay tuned for a paper project coming your way! 😀


Silly on the Silhouette

Hey there! Now is a good time to give my disclaimer… Stampin’ Up! does not endorse my site and has no affiliation with my blog. The content of this blog is all me and my crazy ideas.

Now let’s get to the meat of it! I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and I plan on sharing my adventures with this thing on here. There are going to be some changes coming, including my site, but I’m one of those believers that change is good. 🙂

In my last post I said that I made a gift for my friend and neighbor with my SIL. It is FAR from perfect and there were errors that even my husband could see but I’m giving myself some leeway, I’m a newbie after all!

Floating frames are trendy right now and I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!


I got the double pane frame from Michael’s and used their half off coupon. Yeah! 😉 Right now my biggest advise in all of this is to use good vinyl and transfer tape! But even bigger, don’t be afraid to play! Even if your project looks better across the room than close up! 😀