The Race is On and Here Comes Pride in the Backstretch!


Could it be THURSDAY already?! T’is boys and girls and that only means one thing! Sketch challenge time over at Create with Connie and Mary! I started out super confident about this sketch but don’t let it fool you folks! It’s called a challenge for a reason after all. I fought with this pup for HOURS!

Yes… I am embarrassed to admit that. Just as I am embarrassed to admit I had to look up how to spell embarrassed. However, I do challenge you to play along with us!  It’s fun and rewarding! After wrestling with my card I feel that I can claim that I WON! That’s right! VICTORY IS MINE! Or so I think. 😉


If you look closely you may see a little white playing peek-a-boo behind the Daffodil Delight hearts. That was  part of the struggle. I felt desperate to use white for some reason and guess what… They were stitched on so I couldn’t remove them and pride wouldn’t let me start all over! I mean that was SILK thread I sewed them on with! haha! So I improvised and do what good folks do… COVERED THEM UP! I ran some more hearts through the big shot using the Decorative Dots folder and voila!

My “merci” is the negative cut into the Basic Black using the Greetings Thinlits (and just FYI Margaret Raburn, you can join me in France any time for some coffee at a trendy cafe! 😉 ).  So that’s all folks! I hope you’ll click on over to Create with Connie and Mary and get inspired by the other designer’s cards. They always inspire me!

Just one more thing… I know, last week’s post was short and this is draaaaaaging… (maybe because the baby is asleep!). But while typing and ending the sentence with a period, do you single or double space? There seems to be much debate over this. According to online references I am considered old school because I double space.

Over and out for now friends! Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “The Race is On and Here Comes Pride in the Backstretch!

  1. You really did ACE this sketch, Bridgette!! And, yes, I too found this sketch deceptively “simple”! LOL! Love the negative image for the sentiment! Merci for the invitation for coffee.. oh, in my dreams! I’m sure there we’d find plenty of creative inspiration on the side!! (just found out I’m old school; no surprise, lol!)

  2. Your post is too funny. And your card is wonderful! I would never have known you struggled with the sketch cause it looks like it all fell into place 🙂 I also love the way you used the negative space for the sentiment.

  3. I love how your Basic Black mat looks with the “merci” trailing off! The hearts are a perfect element for this sketch, and you have done them in great colors! Beautiful card!
    PS I use two spaces, so I guess I am old school – so old school that I didn’t even know that this was an issue. Not really fair that the rules can change over time!

  4. Oh your post has made me laugh out loud Brigette – you are too funny 🙂 You did win – this card is fab! I love the negative ‘merci’ on the panel and stitched hearts?? I’m in awe of those who have the wherewithall to get out their sewing machine!! As for the double space dilemma: someone once told me that whilst this is the traditional method taught for touch typing on a traditional typewriter, it doesn’t apply when typing electronically. My husband the IT expert totally disagrees though – he only ever uses computers and always double spaces! The debate continues …

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