Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

For You

Whoops! I told a lie! I said that they next post would be a box BUT yesterday was May Day and I felt that I really needed to avoid working and running errands to make cards for all of my neighbors.  Aren’t they cute little note cards? It took no time to whip up a batch (what’s up with me and constant food references?!). I used the Gingham Garden DSP and stamped with the Chalk Talk Set. As you can see I used pink or rather Melon Mambo for my ink color (OF COURSE!) 😉

I used the Fancy Flower punch and I had some Midnight Muse little butterflies stashed in a baggie from a recent project and I just threw them on for a little Je ne sais quoi.

I went to the Dollar Tree for some Jars and then bought a bouquet of flowers and split them up. The cute cards accompanied the flowers and my daughter delivered them to all the neighbors. I hope your spring is off to a good start! Ours sure is, baby girl will be here in 5 weeks. It’s countdown time!!


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