File Me Under Grateful!


Grateful Greetings Everyone! This is my take on Patty Bennett’s ingenious idea using the new Envelope Punch Board! It’s shape mimics a file folder and it is so cute!

I have denied myself buying any more seasonal paper until I use us my older scraps so I am staying strong and waiting for my Sweater Weather DSP. However, I wasn’t strong enough to resist the new Burlap Ribbon. I frayed it a bit to give it a worn look. Next came my colorful leaves using the Autumn Accents Die. They’re topped off with a naturals button. To get the little curlycues on the twine I just twisted it up nice and tight with a cooking skewer. 🙂

I made this card for my women’s group (Beta Sigma Phi). Before I moved they have a wonderful brunch for me to say goodbye.  I hope this card conveys how truly grateful I am. ❤

Get your supplies now:

2 thoughts on “File Me Under Grateful!

  1. Cute!! I’ve seen several pins using that file folder idea. I’m holding off buying the envelope punch board. Not so interested in making my own envelopes since it’d use up my pretty paper and I can already make inserts without it, but it looks like you can do a lot more with it. What are your favorite things about it so far? I may have to put it on my wish list!! I DID just get the expression thinlits, thinlit card die (the one that does the cool tri-fold flippy thing), and the Sweater Weather DSP. Just came last night and I’ve been trying to get rid of a migraine this morning so I haven’t opened anything up yet. I’m excited to get going and try it all out!! I got the Truly Grateful set too – I think it’s soooo pretty!! I’ll have to send you pics of the cards for the Techniques Camp once I get them done. Hoping to finish them up later this coming week. We have soccer this evening, soccer tomorrow, and I work on Monday… WHY does my schedule always have to be busy when there’s stamping goodies calling my name?!?! Have already heard from Leona and Judy that they want to come to the October camp!! YAY!! Although I have to figure out how to send out a tactful reminder that there’s a fee involved since Judy didn’t pay me last time. I’m so not good at getting after people, so I just left it alone. But I can’t have that happen again since I’ll have to pour everything I make into the Christmas card supplies. Vickie emailed me to say that I messed up my newsletter because she couldn’t see anything but the background when she opened it. That was after I had already tested it out with mom and heard back from the other two. I asked what types of files her computer accepted and she replied that she “had a MAC, so there was no issue on her end”. It was basically me… Really?? So I just sweetly replied (lol)that I’ve never owned a MAC, nor dealt with a MAC so I have no idea what files they have trouble with – hee hee. Said that I attached it again as a simple PDF file, but if she still had trouble, she’d need to be specific as to what I needed to save it as. Gee whiz. I can’t stand it when people flaunt stuff. I’ve lost my patience for it. Sigh… So, the first week of school is over. I think I mentioned to you that the whole excited-to-get-going thing ended after the first day and I actually had to go in and turn off Jarod’s alarm, then shake the bejesus out of him to get him up. But he likes his classes (with the exception of technical theater which he has to take to fulfill his fine arts credit). You can’t blame him – all of those artsy teachers are a bit odd. It’s kind of like English teachers – I’ve never met a “normal” one. It’d be different if he was into that sort of thing, but he’s just not. Nick is ha[[y, even though he doesn’t know many kids in his classes, and Micaela is in love with her teacher. She got a bunch of “tickets” this week to spend at their class store for helping the little boy (he was in her class last year – has some developmental issues, but is a sweet kid) at her table with assignments and sharing her snack with him one day. The teacher hasn’t come out and said that they can earn tickets forkind behavior as well as doing their work, but I think that’s what she does and it’s working to encourage her to continue – YAY!!! Wish that worked here at home with siblings!!! Hmm… Hope you all have a relaxing weekend and a fun week coming up. I MISS YOU!!!!


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